Education department here postponed the recognition of one hundred and fifty schools, only 40 cases are settled

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Nearly one hundred private schools of Dehradun district are running without the recognition of the education department. For this, not only the school but the education department is also responsible. The Department has kept the cases of recognition of these schools for the last nearly two years. In this period only cases of 40 schools have been settled.

Private schools have to submit several documents for recognition from the education department. For accreditation first, infrastructure and other resources have to be developed in the school. The first land registry, toilets, buildings, and classrooms have to be built. Along with the number of students, the number of students’ bureau has to be given. Depending on this, the department recognizes schools.

But for the past two years, no decision has been taken on the issues of most schools. Recognition of some schools was approved in the last days of the former CEO SB Joshi’s tenure. At the same time, during the tenure of the current CEO Asharani Panuli, some schools have got recognition but their number is very low.

Most of the applications for recognition of schools have not been returned by any objection or any action has been taken on them. The schools whose schools of recognition are pending in the education department are mostly from 1st to 8th grade. In this case, the Chief Education Officer Asharani Panuli was contacted on phone to know the departmental side, but she disconnected the phone while talking about it refusing to talk on the day of the holiday. Whenever their favor comes, it will be published.

Renewal cases also pending
This includes the issues of renewal of the recognition of many schools. Schools that have got recognition in the past have to renew their recognition under RTE. The department also provides administrative recognition to many schools. Under this, the schools are recognized under certain conditions.

Deliberately pending recognition
According to sources, some departmental officials deliberately kept files of recognition of schools. As soon as possible and in spite of the rules, allegations of transactions in the name of accreditation continue to be imposed on the officials. A private school director said that he has been diverging from the department for a long time but he is repeatedly given the assurance of completing the recognition process.

Government school will be closed
Departmental officials also have their own logic to not give recognition to private schools. A senior official of the department told that many schools are not being deliberately recognized. If all schools are given recognition, then every street school will be opened. In such a situation, many government schools will be closed. He believes many private schools are not being recognized for this reason only. Read more posts…


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