Eco-development committee will not get a share in vehicle fee

Park administration is now eyeing the eco-development committees set up for the development of areas adjacent to the Rajaji Tiger Reserve (RTR). In this series, the park administration has imposed a moratorium on fees charged from tourist vehicles in the Motichur range. This step has been taken in view of the possibility of disturbances in the works being done through the Eco-Development Committee Haripurkalaan in the range.

Park’s Deputy Director Deepak Singh said that in Motichur range, a fee of Rs 50 per vehicle has been withheld from tourists in the name of the Eco-Development Committee. Told that first it will be investigated where and in what works the eco-development committee is using this money. At the same time, the officials of the Eco-Development Committee have expressed anger over this ban. The chairman of the committee, Ved Prakash Gwadi, said that if the park administration stopped the receipts to be deducted in the name of the committee, then the operation of vehicles in the park should also be stopped.

Gwadi said that during the formation of the Eco-Development Committee, it was agreed that the operation and development of tourist vehicles in the village adjacent to the park would be done in collaboration with the committee. But, now the forest officials have come down on arbitrariness. If the park administration does not change the decision soon, the committee will start agitation and lock the park gate. A committee meeting has been called in this regard.

50 rupees a share

250 per person is charged from Indian tourists going from Motichur Gate to Rajaji Park and Rs 500 per vehicle from foreigners. Out of this, 50 rupees are given to Eco-Development Committee Haripurkalaan.

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