Due to the poor Kailash Yatra route, mules are used to send goods for India-China trade

The marginal traders have started sending goods for India-China trade. Considering the bad situation of the business travel route, they are sending the demanded goods on mules to China and are already sending it to the next level.

Along with Kailash Mansarovar Yatra every year, India-China trade is also starting in June. Administration issues Trade pass for businessmen and merchants who go to Taklakot Mandi for trade. From India, the marginal merchandise of Dharchula goes to Taklakot Mandi, China. In China, ingredients like jaggery, sugar candy, readymade garments, cosmetics, etc. are taken, while woolen garments and wool are imported from there. Last year, due to road construction for the China border, traders had a lot of difficulty in transporting their goods.

Indian businessmen had to keep their belongings to tarpaulin and tents on the way in Najang. The traders had to suffer a lot due to not getting the goods. Currently, the construction work of the road is continuing. Considering the landslide and road closure in the monsoon, there is no problem in carrying the goods, the traders have started sending goods on the mules right now. The traders, including Narendra Raipa, Diwan Raipa, and Dharma Singh Raipa, are carrying their belongings to Gharbadar, Malpa, Lamari, and Bundi on horses, mules. Businessman Narendra Singh Raipa told that his mule was stranded for one week due to the bad road between Malpa and Lamari. He mended the road with his own expenses and sent the mules forward.

These items are traded
Indian businessmen have goods from India which include jugs, mishri, readymade garments, aluminum utensils, coffee, toffees, tobacco, frangible, cosmetic goods. Those who come from Taklakot bring Wool, Got Pasam, Tibetan tea, Chirabi, Yak’s tail, jackets, blankets, shoes, China-made suits ‘Charu’, etc.

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