Due to Holi seats in trains are full, waiting lists are expected to increase

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Due to Holi, the seats are full of trains. Due to the festival, trains coming to Delhi from Haldwani and Kathgodam are also full of passengers.

According to the railway officials, after the festive season, the maximum pressure is on the trains. It is believed that after celebrating the festival, a large number of travelers will return on March 24 (Sunday). Waiting conditions for trains are also indicating something like this. On this day, in the sleeper of Ranikhet Express reached 167 waiting, second AC-16, 63 seats in third AC.

These are the waiting lists
Dehradun Express has a comparatively less waiting list. The Kathgodam-Bagh Express has the highest pressure, with a waiting list of 108 in the sleeper, second AC-41, and 47 seats in third AC. Waiting for the chair car in the Shatabdi is 154. Waiting of 62 in second AC Chair Car in Sampark Kranti Express. Waiting of 90 seats in second seating. This situation of reservation in trains was shown on 17th March. The waiting list is expected to increase.

Sampark Kranti Express reached late
The Sampark Kranti Express, coming from Delhi, reached Kathgodam station one hour late from 10:45 on the night of its scheduled time. This caused the passengers to face the problem. Read more posts…


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