Due to delay, now Haridwar samples started being sent to Delhi

Uttarakhand Corona Virus update

In the report of samples in the registered pathology lab of Corona in the state, now the samples of Haridwar have started sending to Delhi. In three days 596 samples have been sent to Delhi. Whereas in total 2611 samples are yet to be reported.

There are three labs registered in the state for an examination of corona samples. Before Haridwar, samples have been sent to Haldwani, later to AIIMS and Doon Medical College, but the reports of samples taken from May 21-22 onwards are also increasing with the restlessness of departmental officers.

The number of institutional quarantine and home quarantine people is continuously increasing due to non-reporting. In such a situation, it is also difficult to monitor such a large population. CMO Dr. Saroj Naithani said that samples of 5734 persons have been taken so far in the district.

3123 report has been received. There are reports of 2611 samples remaining but have delayed sending samples of three days to Delhi. In 596 samples of three days, 101 on 31 May, 101 on 30 May, 214 samples were sent to Delhi on 1 June.


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