Doon resident Wing Commander was the first to raise the voice of equalization of women in the army

wing commander

After 17 years-long legal battle, the way has been cleared for women in the army to get equal rights. The Supreme Court said in an important decision on Monday that ‘all women officers who want to opt for this option should be given a permanent commission in the army within three months’.

The Dehradun resident, retired wing commander Anupama Joshi was the first voice for the permanent commission. Even though she did not get the benefit when she retired, her initiative worked for other women. She welcomed the decision and described it as historic. Whereas, former military officials said that even though there will be some problems initially, everything will be fine after a few years.

Was selected in Air Force in 1992
Anupama Joshi was selected in the Air Force in 1992. After that, she kept moving forward on the strength of her hard work and passion. After the first five years of service, she raised the issue of permanent commission and got a three-year extension. Then got a three-year extension. Every time she was very upset with the extensions getting in pieces.

In 2002, she sought written responses from his superior officers in protest. However, the answer was not found. Wrote a letter to Chief. However, the answer did not come from there either. She then filed a petition in court in 2006 along with other women officers. At the hearing of the case, the court decided to give permanent commission to the new recruits. However, the decision of serving female officers could not be decided.

Ex-servicemen also welcomed
Anupama Joshi retired in the year 2008. However, their struggle continued. In 2010, in the direction of the court, the decision to give permanent commission to women in the Air Force came. However, the army had disassociated itself from this decision. The case continued in the Supreme Court. Welcoming the decision of the Supreme Court on Monday, Anupama said that the battle that she waged has reached today. She is very happy about this.

The permanent commission of women into the army has also been welcomed by former military officers. He said that there may be problems in the beginning, but gradually everything will be fine. Lt. General Gambhir Singh Negi said that this decision is historic. There are many posts in the army, in which women can be given command.

However, the army cannot direct women into battle. The court has also left this decision on the army. Lt Gen Anand Swaroop said that the decision of the Supreme Court is welcome. There will be some problems in the beginning. But after four-five years it will be fine. It also has to be seen how our societies see it. She also said that there are many posts in the army where women can do better.

Uttarakhand resident women officers are in large numbers in the army
The daughters of Uttarakhand will get more attraction towards the army by getting the permanent commission for women officers in the army. A large number of women officers are deployed in the Army under the Short Service Commission (SSC) from the Sainik Dham Uttarakhand. Now after the order of the Supreme Court, women officers will get the option of permanent commission.

Uttarakhand is the third state in the country after Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, where the army has the highest number of officers. But on the basis of population density, Uttarakhand is the largest military officer state. This is the reason why Prime Minister Narendra Modi has considered Uttarakhand as the fifth military abode after Chardham. The Trivendra government has also selected a site to build a military Dham in Dehradun.

The soldiers of Uttarakhand are at the forefront of those who sacrificed their best to protect the country. One soldier from every second-third family is in the army. Daughters are also supported when they go into the army. This is the reason that a large number of daughters of the state are posted in the Air Force, Navy and Indian Army.

Livelihood crisis after 14 years of job
Till now, women officers working under the Short Service Commission in the army were sent back after 14 years of service. Due to which they could not get a pension facility. In such a situation, there was a livelihood crisis in front of women officers. Let it be said that for a pension, it is mandatory for officers to work for 20 years and jawans for 15 years.

The permanent commission will be given on these posts

Women officers will get permanent commission benefits in Army Education Corps, Signal, Mechanical Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Army Aviation, Army Service Corps, Army Ordnance Corps, Army Air Defense, and Intelligence Corps.

The decision to give permanent commission is commendable. This decision will increase the attraction of women officers towards the army. They will get all the facilities that a male army officer gets.
– Colonel Vijay Singh Thapa (Retd.), Deputy Director, Sainik Welfare Directorate


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