Doon police seeking evidence for the KV harassment

Doon police are making the utmost effort to gather enough evidence regarding the harassment of teenager by the accused K.V Principal. SSP Nivedita Kukrati told that she has received a letter from the headquarter regarding this. The police are gathering all the pieces of evidence from all the information being collected from the victim. The 15-year-old teenager accuses Principal of ONGC KV, Anshum Sharma of beating and harassment.
On the basis of the letter, the Child Commission wrote to the Chamoli police for action. Based on this, Joshimath police registered the statement of the police, although the case was not registered. Meanwhile, a complaint was made to the Police Headquarters, then the Director General of Police, the Law Department, summoned the replies to the Chamoli Police and ordered an investigation into the Dehradun police.
SSP Nivedita Kukrati told that they got the order of the headquarters. The headquarters said that the police should look into all the aspects to register a lawsuit and find out all the aspects. The SSP said that before filing the case, the report of the Child Commission will be convened on Thursday. She said that it will be registered for trial if the police get the prosecution evidence from the report statements made by the Child Commission and the victim. Otherwise, the police will take the statements of the victim and will conduct themselves before the trial itself.

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