Doon City buses with expensive fares in Doon, know how much to pay

Doon City Bus Federation

The Doon City Bus Federation started operating buses from Friday after the state cabinet decided to charge double for 30 km distance for public transport operations. City buses were closed from March 22 in the city due to Corona’s lockdown. However, the roadways and other private operators will not get the benefit of this decision of the government. Therefore, their operation is not possible at the moment.

The government has been trying to operate public transport vehicles for the last month but the transporters did not agree to operate the buses without concession. However, it is a matter of fact that auto and Vikram operators started their operations, but do not consider bus operators.

Actually, the operators were not ready to walk with 50 percent riding capacity. They said that by taking 50 percent of the bus ride, their expenses will not be able to be covered. They were demanding a one-year exemption from the government for taxes, insurance, permits, etc. and the government to bear the loss of 50 percent vacant seats. Now the government has decided to double the fare on travel up to 30 km while giving relief to the municipal bodies. With this decision of the government, it is only possible to operate city buses, because they are the only ones who come under its jurisdiction. Roadways and other private buses will not be able to cover this area due to long distance. However, this increased rent will only last for the Corona period. The fare will be applicable as soon as the situation improves.

Doon City Bus Service Federation President Vijay Vardhan Dandriyal said that the decision of the state government has brought relief to the city bus operators. Hence, buses have started operating from Friday itself. Initially, there are plans to run five buses on each route. After this, the number of buses will be increased gradually. The federation has asked bus operators to take full care of physical distance and sanitization in buses.

Busy fixing buses

City bus operators started fixing their buses as soon as the government’s decision came on Thursday evening. Actually, the battery and towers of most buses are bad due to lockdowns. The buses, which used to carry the migrants are well maintained. At present, these buses are expected to operate the first day on Friday.

Fare of Vikram, auto, taxi, e-rickshaw also doubled

The fare of Vikram, auto, taxi, e-rickshaw running within a 30 km radius in the city will also be doubled. The auto will cost Rs 30 per km. The fare of Vikram will be taken on the basis of the average of the passengers.

The Doon-Dakpathar route will not operate

Even after the government’s decision to double the fare, private buses will not be able to operate on the Dehradun-Dakpathar Road, the largest route in the district. Actually, this route is about 50 km, which does not come in the double fare scheme. Ram Kumar Saini, president of the Bus Operators Federation, said that the government has joked with the transporters. No ride will be agreed to double the fare. People would consider it appropriate to go by private vehicle instead of this fare. How people who do not have vehicles will be able to pay double the fare. It will be hit only by the poor, who are already facing financial problems due to Corona. Saini said that if the government has to give relief, then the government should bear this amount instead of doubling the rent.


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