Dobra Chanti bridge- Protection and security arrangements on the country’s longest suspension bridge

Dobra Chanti bridge

On the country’s longest suspension Dobra-Chanti bridge, vehicles will be seen filling from next year. The bridge, spanning 440 meters long, is characterized by its day-to-day spread of temperature. The bridge will extend up to 90 cm in both corners and will also shrink. Security arrangements are now being made on the bridge for this movement. For this, the work of installing wind shoe, link shoe and modular expansion joint have been started on the bridge. So that the movement in the bridge has no effect on it.

Final finishing work has now started on the Dobra-Chanti bridge being built on South Korea’s technology. According to the Public Works Department, according to the temperature, the length of this bridge will fluctuate up to 90 centimeters. In such a situation, security measures are also being taken for this movement on the bridge. Modular expansion joints will be placed at both the ends of the bridge, which will give protection to the bridge as it moves.

In Dobra, wind speed is also fast. Especially in summer, the wind blows at a speed of 70 to 100 km per hour. To endure this, eight shock observers will be installed on the bridge. However, the bridge has the capacity to withstand wind blowing at a speed of 150 km per hour. Apart from this, more than two lakh nut-bolts will also be installed to tighten the bridge. Traffic on the bridge will begin by March 2020.

These will be safety measures on the bridge

Shock Observer to withstand strong wind pressure
Modular expansion joint
Over two lakh nuts
Handrail on both sides

KS Aswal (Project Engineer, Dobra-Chanti Bridge) states that iron spreads in heat and shrinks at low temperatures. Due to this nature, the Dobra-Chanti bridge will also decrease by 90 centimeters. However, this will not affect the health of the bridge.


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