DNA test will be done to identify unidentified dead body


In the Kumaon division, 154 unknown bodies were found during the last year, but only 37 of these bodies could be identified. In the coming days, to identify all the dead bodies, their DNA test will be done by the police and the reports will be kept safe.
If there is any similarity of the unknown body to any person, then the police will be able to know the truth from the DNA of other people in his family. DIG Ajay Joshi has issued instructions to the officials about this.
The process of murdering and throwing the bodies in the Kumaon district continues, and in the year 2018, 154 unknown bodies were found in the Mandal, the largest of them were found in Udham Singh Nagar District and the lowest in Almora district.
After the formation of the state and the formation of the Mandal, more than 300 deaths have been ruling the place. Most of these were killed and thrown here. Vicious murderers murder in other districts and territories and throw dead bodies here. They do not leave any clue in the dead body so that it can be identified.

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