District Magistrate Ashish Srivastava said, situation under control from Coronavirus infection in Doon

District Magistrate Ashish Srivastava

District Magistrate Ashish Srivastava says that the situation is now under control regarding the corona infection in the district. There is no need to panic about the coronavirus. So far 651 cases of corona have been reported in the district, out of which 494 have been fully recovered. The recovery rate in Dehradun is better than the situation in the country. There is a 38-day dabbling rate, while 20 people have died so far. The District Magistrate also said that the detention of Saturday and Sunday will continue because its results have come better.

The District Magistrate said that sanitization is being done in the district on Saturday and Sunday. It is a matter of relief that no patient has been exposed to an unknown source yet. The tests in Dehradun are 12534 per million. There are 5951 in the state, 5980 in the country. There is no need to worry anymore. He informed that 42 flu clinics have been set up in the district. 12555 people have undergone a corona test. Symptoms were found in about 900 patients and then RTPCR was performed. A death audit of 16 has been done. Three COVID centers have been built in the district. The infected are sent to the home quarantine after being kept here for ten days.

During this time the District Magistrate appreciated the ASHAs and Anganwadi workers. He said that Asha did a good job of surveillance. ASHA and Anganwadi checked over 24 lakh people. He said that 28 cases are active in 52 containment zones in the district. Containment zone is of 28 days. If there are three to four cases in an open area, then the Containment Zone will be imposed.

At the same time, one containment zone will be formed in the same case in the congested area. He said that surveillance systems are changing. Asha Anganwadi, zonal magistrates are also being set up. Officers and employees have been in the field for 20 days to observe dengue. Preparation has been sped up. An awareness campaign is also being conducted. Preparations are also being made for dengue. ELISA kit is also present for the test of dengue. He said that protection against dengue is safety. Do not allow clean water to accumulate anywhere. The District Magistrate also said that the effort to promote blood donation has been intensified.


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