Discussion of this Lady Singham everywhere, her work done in two years is mentioned far and wide


After ten years, Nivedita Kukreti has become the first captain of Doon, who has completed a two-year term on Wednesday. In the last few years, the captains did not survive for three and a half months to more than 13 months. In the tenure of Kukerti, crime had been full, but the police team was heavily pondered on criminals. In the past 24 months, the challenge is to disclose the loot of the liquor contractor in Basant Vihar and women jewelers in Saraswati Vihar.

A list of achievements was released on Wednesday after the completion of two years of SSP Nivedita Kukreti’s tenure. When Kukreti took charge of the district on May 16, 2017, at that time, she was inherited by the businessman’s robbery in the Saket colony of Dalanwala Kotwali area. The government’s pressure was about the disclosure of robberies. The police could not open the case that on the same pattern, the second incident of robbery took place in Doiwala. The police arrested a gang involved in both the incidents a few days later and considered their hard work.

100 percent disclosure of murder cases
There were 51 incidents of murder in the district in two years. 74 people involved in this were arrested. Among them, the murder case in Patelnagar for acquisition ran longer. Mother Minu Kaur had killed her daughter and recorded her missing report. Later, the police had disclosed the body of the victim on the marks of her mother’s body. Sardar Perm Singh, who was caught by the police in connection with the murder of two minors in Shyampur of Rishikesh, has been sentenced to death.

The country’s first lawsuit was made
ATM cloning, the case of ATM cloning filed in July 2017 was the first case in the country, in which 98 cases were filed separately. Police had arrested four accused, including a woman from Haryana after a month’s run-off. The accused had confiscated two times more property worth Rs 55 lakh from their accounts.

Kidney scandal arrested 17 accused
In September 2017, under the name of the Gangotri Charitable Hospital, located inside the Uttaranchal Dental College, Laltappad Doiwala, was busted illegal business to remove kidneys. The police arrested 17 accused, including racket gangster Amit Raut, and made a big achievement in her name.

Police review was also highly appreciated in the case of rape and miscarriage of a high school student in a boarding school in Sahaspur. Police arrested nine accused in school management and disclosed the entire game.

11.37 million drug substances recovered
During the two-year tenure of SSP Nivedita Kukreti, 1067 smugglers have been claimed to be recovered with drug worth Rs 11.37 crore. 2068 accused were apprehended by registering 1994 cases in the Excise Act. In this, illegal liquor worth 4 crores 72 lakh 78 thousand rupees were recovered.

Every case has been taken as a challenge
Senior Superintendent of Police Nivedita Kukreti says that every case related to the crime has been taken as a challenge. The credit goes to the police team for all the achievements. From the police station to the in-charge, the CO and the SP have worked with team spirit. Thanks to this, the police have succeeded at every step. She said that the criminals are now aware of every technique of the police. They are executing every event in new ways.


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