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Discounting good works, this kotwal of Uttarakhand ranks among the top 10 police stations in India

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The working style of Rishikesh Police has become a headache for high officials
Rishikesh Kotwali’s Supercop is betting on SSP Joshi’s good work
13 cases not resolved in a year despite orders from high officials
The past year was filled with an atmosphere of great crimes and fear for Tirthanagri

Rishikesh Kotwali, who is included in the country’s top-10 police station, is betting on the good work of his captain. While the Dehradun police are making revelations, the failures of Rishikesh Kotwali have started hurting even the high officials. As a result, now SSP Arun Mohan Joshi has been instructed to improve the condition of Rishikesh Kotwali on the lines of Doon.

The past year was filled with an atmosphere of crime and fear for the pilgrimage. In the last one year, there have been about 13 such incidents, in whose revelations the Kotwali police proved to be a complete failure. The most famous incident is the shootout with the Saraf businessman. Police officers changed the investigation team several times in this case, but the result remained the same.

Initially, the investigation was handed over to the IDPL post, Incharge Rakesh Bhatt, but the success of the investigation was removed from the post of Incharge to Senior Sub Inspection Manoj Nainwal, who was posted in Kotwali. Nainwal too could not do anything, despite the insistence of many months. Meanwhile, the aggrieved party along with Jan Sailab reached to surround the SDM office.

Rishikesh Kotwal also called for a reply
The aggrieved party also met Ashok Kumar, DG Law and Order in this regard. Seeing the seriousness of the matter, he also called for a response from Rishikesh Kotwal. At the same time, under the leadership of SP rural Praminder Doval, he directed to form a team of high-profile police officers. The ridiculous aspect is that the SP countryside handed over a re-investigation in the name of forming a team of police supercops on the shoulders of those who were already gasping with the burden of failure.

The situation is that Saraf businessman Virendra Singh Chauhan is lying in bed due to paralyzing the lower part of his waist. Their families are living in the shadow of fear. The Saraf businessman’s shop has been closed since the incident. At the same time, sources said that the Kotwali police are now eyeing the accused who were caught in the revelations in Dehradun. The police are hoping that the accused will give some clues in the case of the attack on the bullion merchant of Rishikesh.

The case of police failures has also resonated in the assembly

The story of the failure of the Kotwali police has also resonated in the assembly. After this, the officers also called for a response from the Kotwali police. Despite this, neither the working of the policemen changed nor the burden of unresolved cases could be reduced. Recently, the police headquarters was also summoned by the Kotwali police for a list of cases for criminal offenses and the cause of atrocities. Overall, the result has been a cipher.
Major unresolved cases of last one year
– Two absconders along with gangster in fake appointment case in AIIMS on 19 January 2019
– On 03 April 2019, engineering student dies in the suspicious condition in a lodge located on Bus Adda Road
– On May 12, 2019, the body of Ashish Kumar was found hanging in Indira Nagar, was it murder or suicide, not disclosed
– On 13 May 2019, the body of Suresh Pandey was found hanging from a tree in suspicious circumstances in IDPL forests.
– On 19 May 2019, the bullion trader was shot and looted in Veerpur Khurd
– On 30 May 2019, Greif soldier Vijaypal went missing under suspicious circumstances
– On June 14, a woman was robbed of the bracelets at a distance of a few steps from Shyampur police chowki.
– On 23 June 2019, a large amount of jewelry was stolen from Narendra Jewelers located on Mukherjee Marg
– The suicide of Kalyani murder accused on 17 September 2019, police could not even record a statement
– On August 26, 2019, theft of 40 thousand rupees from the donation of Bhairon temple located in Gumaniwala of Shyampur
– Trying to rob a 66-year-old elderly during the morning walk on 08 October 2019
– On October 29, 2019, mobile robbery from a minor outside the house in Mansadevi Displaced Colony
– On 8 December 2019, the house of three people (AGM, former army officer, boutique director) stolen in Gummaniwala on the same night, about eight lakh 50 thousand rupees

For the revelations which have not been made in the last one year, the reason behind this and the disclosure of cases will be investigated by SSP Dehradun. The functioning of the Rishikesh Police is beginning to be felt beyond comprehension.
– Ajay Rautela, IG

Police in Dehradun is doing a better job. In contrast, the working style of Rishikesh Police is not satisfactory at all. The SSP has been asked to disclose in Rishikesh like Dehradun.
– Ashok Kumar, DG Law and Order



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