Dengue havoc in Doon, patients’ number crosses 800

Dengue havoc

Dengue havoc continues to grow. Dengue has been confirmed in 19 more people in Dehradun in the latest case. These include 14 men and five women, who are from different regions.

At the same time, dengue has also been confirmed in two patients living in other districts. In this way, Dengue has been confirmed in 801 patients so far in the Dehradun district. If we talk about the state, then this figure of patients has reached close to 13 hundred. This time there is more outbreak of Dengue in Dehradun, Nainital, Udham Singh Nagar, Haridwar and Tehri districts.

The stress of the Aedes mosquito that spreads dengue disease is also changing with the changing weather patterns. Where previously the mosquito strain was weak, it is now becoming deadly. So far seven patients have died due to Dengue’s disease in Dehradun. It is a different matter that the Health Department is confirming only two of them. In others, the case was mooted by referring to a death audit.

With the arrival of new cases of dengue, the health department is also worried. Because the efforts made so far for the prevention of the disease are proving to be insufficient. Officials claim that dengue affected areas are being monitored. At the same time, teams formed for Dengue control are constantly visiting the areas.

Departmental teams visited the areas of Reetha Mandi, Jakhan, Dalanwala, Defense Colony, Banjarawala, etc. and informed people about the prevention of dengue. Mosquito larvae were surveyed from house to house. District Chief Medical Officer, Dr. S.K. Gupta said that out of 2831 houses surveyed on Monday, 83 houses have found mosquito larvae which were destroyed on the spot. Medication given to people suffering from viral fever. People suffering from high fever have been asked to consult a doctor.

Also, people were informed about maintaining cleanliness around them and not allowing water to accumulate in empty pots. Instructions have been given to the government and private hospitals to provide proper treatment facilities to dengue patients admitted in hospitals.


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