Dengue confirmed in 45 new patients, leader of opposition kept fast, said ‘faith lifted from government’

Dengue has been confirmed in 45 new patients in the Dehradun district. In this way, the number of patients suffering from dengue has reached 3462 in the current season in the district. In the Doon Hospital on Monday, 31 patients and 7 dengue positive patients were found in coronation and CHC in Raipur.

On the other hand, under the school health testing program under the National AYUSH Mission, Dr. Pradeep Dabral and Arif Hassan gave health tests to 25 students in Government Primary School, Badowala Arkadia and distributed free medicines. Along with this, students were given information related to cleanliness. Principal Vedwati and all staff collaborated in the health test.

No, the government will get on the road, they will fill themselves in jail
Leader of the opposition to dengue, Dr. Indira Hridayesh and Congressman sat on fast at Buddha Park in Haldwani on Monday. Indira Hridayesh said that the government has completely failed to overcome dengue. There is a situation of getting up to three patients admitted on a bed in hospitals. The Chief Minister and the BJP State President should associate themselves with the public, otherwise, the people will be thrown out of power.

The Leader of Opposition said that if you go to a locality, then 25 out of 50 people are vulnerable to dengue. The government had increased the prices of government hospitals. From where will the poor man get a 60 rupees paper and get money for check-ups. The government should provide free treatment to all. When the government failed to control dengue in a month, the opposition had to stand with the public. Send the families of those who died due to dengue to the home of the BJP state president. There is a situation in some families that women are sick and men are making bread. According to Indira, the chief minister and the state president are aware that despite the spread of dengue, Gaira is making responsible statements.

Former Cabinet ministers Harish Durgapal, former MP Mahendra Pal, Sumit Hridayesh, Deepak Baluteia, Iqbal Bharti, Harish Mehta, Sarita Arya, Hemant Bagdwal, Vijay Sijwali, etc. addressed the occasion. During this, Satish Nainwal, Rahul Chimwal, Jaya Bisht, Mahesh Sharma, Sanju Pana, Jeevan Karki, Hukum Singh Kunwar, Varun Bhakuni, Harendra Bora, Suhail Siddiqui, Harshit Joshi, Gurupreet Singh Prince, NB Gunwant, Mohan Pathak, Awadh Bihari Sharma, Monika Sati, Seema Bhatnagar, Harish Paneru, Himanshu Gaba, Manoj Joshi, Mukta Singh, Ravi Joshi, Shakeel Salmani, Gufran, Balam Bisht, Balbir Rawat, Nandan Singh Chauhan, Umesh Kabadwal, etc. were present.

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