Delhi Police fined two lakhs on Uttarakhand buses for pollution

Uttarakhand buses

State Transport Corporation Uttarakhand buses are causing pollution. This claim belongs to Delhi Police. Due to this, Delhi Police seized both buses by invoicing one lakh rupees for two buses of Rudrapur and Rishikesh Depot of Roadways. There are allegations that Uttarakhand buses are running without pollution checks. That too at a time when the central government has made a provision for stringent fines on pollution certificates. Still, the pollution-causing buses are being sent to Delhi.

The Supreme Court is concerned over pollution spread in NCR including Delhi. The court is also constantly warning the governments about this. Despite this, the ‘poison’ dissolved in the air of Delhi is not decreasing. The Delhi Pollution Control Committee has been formed to rectify this situation. It was told that this committee along with the police invoiced the buses and seized them on charges of spreading pollution. The Delhi route is considered to be the most profitable route for the Transport Corporation. Every day about 550 buses from all the depots of the state return to Delhi.

Among them, old and aged buses have also been on run. This is the reason why these buses are not behind in spreading pollution. In this, the simple bus (UK 07 PA-1488) of a Rudrapur depot was seized and chased by Delhi Police on Monday at Anand Vihar. At the same time, on Saturday, two days before the bus (UK 07 PA-1952) of Rishikesh depot was seized by an invoice of one lakh.

Deepak Jain of Uttarakhand Transport Corporation said that all the buses of Uttarakhand Transport Corporation are under pollution check. The buses seized in Delhi had valid pollution certificates, but this letter was rejected by Delhi Police. If the challan was to be paid on pollution, then according to the government rules, five thousand rupees should have been made. It is wrong to seize buses by invoicing one lakh rupees. A team of roadways officers is going to Delhi on Tuesday to discuss the matter.

Doubt on pollution certificates

There is a doubt as to whether the two buses which were seized had pollution check certificates. The corporation headquarters claims that both the buses had valid certificates, but according to the sources, there was no such certificate in the buses during the checking. According to employee organizations, if the certificates were present on the buses then how the invoice was done.


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