Dehradun: Zonal plan of the city gets a green signal from the Supreme Court, it will be easy to find land use

MDDA went to Supreme Court on the direction of the government

The zonal plan of Rajdhani Dehradun has got the green signal from the Supreme Court. Now through the zonal plan, every area will be shown with different measles numbers. This will enable people to know about land use easily.

The Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority (MDDA) sent a proposal to the government in April last year. The government had ordered permission from the court for the zonal plan due to the master plan being pending in the Supreme Court. MDDA went to the Supreme Court. Whence the Supreme Court ruled in his favor.

MDDA prepared the zonal plan many times, but there were all kinds of flaws in it. Due to this, it could not be implemented. The zonal plan of Doon was prepared by the city planning department based on the master plan. In this, every area of ​​the city was shown with different measles numbers. Not only this, information about his land use, etc. was also given. The city planning department had raised objections from the people of the area by putting up the layout. On which about 550 objections were reached. The District Magistrate’s residence was found missing on Rajpur Road.

At the same time, all important offices and places including the Police Headquarters, Gandhi Shatabdi Eye Hospital, City Kotwali were found missing. Not only this, residential areas have been shown as educational and commercial establishments have been shown as government. The Secretariat was shown directly after St. Joseph’s School. After the flaws came out, MDDA rectified them and got it passed in a board meeting in April last year. After this, the government sent him for approval. After this, the zonal plan was expected to be implemented.

That is why the Supreme Court had to go
MDDA was granted relief by the Supreme Court in July 2018 on the master plan. The Supreme Court, while hearing the MDDA’s special leave petition (SLP) filed on 22 June, stayed the order of 15 June 2018 of the Nainital High Court.

In this, the notification of the master plan of MDDA was canceled. After the Supreme Court’s order, MDDA started processing the maps as before. Meanwhile, the MDDA sent a letter to the government to implement the zonal plan.

On this, the government had instructed to take permission from there, saying that the master plan is pending in the Supreme Court. In this, MDDA went to the Supreme Court, from where it got permission to implement the zonal plan.

The government imposed a ban due to these flaws
-The boundary wall of Narri Shilp School was shown till the Boundary wall of SGNP Boys Inter- College. While there were many houses and plots in the middle of it. According to the zonal plan, all these have come under educational land use. In such a situation, the map of these people will not be able to pass.

-The boundary wall of the Children’s Academy (Morden) Academy was also shown up to the workshop in the north, while there are many private properties here. They will also have a similar problem.

-The streets near the SGNP school were shown inside the boundary of the school.
– Private property adjoining the main post office near Ghantaghar was described as government and semi-government.
– Nashville Road has been diverted from forwarding about two hundred meters instead of a power transformer. The road width is 18 meters in the plan. Whereas in reality there was an eight to 10-foot road.
– Commercial Complex on Rajpur Road was represented on the land of Primary School.
– Accommodation on the land of the CNI Church is depicted. The church was missing from the plan.
– District Magistrate’s residence and the surrounding government land were shown to be private residences. A road was shown in the middle of the District Magistrate’s residence, connecting Rajpur Road to Doon Bible College.
– On the Kalidas road, a road is shown from inside the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, which was going to the drain on the other side.

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