Dehradun: YES Bank brought this gift to the customers as soon as the restrictions were lifted, people are happy

YES Bank

All branches will open an hour before for three days, message issued

After the removal of the restrictions of Reserve Bank of India (RBI), all YES Bank branches will open an hour before the next three days. In this regard, Yes Bank sent information to all customers on Wednesday.

The RBI had imposed all kinds of restrictions on Yes Bank recently. Due to this, customers faced heavy problems. On Holi, customers kept wandering due to a lack of money in ATMs and bank holidays. Neither their debit card was purchased in shopping malls nor did their debit card run in other banks.

Even telecom companies refused to accept their checks. On Wednesday, as soon as the restrictions were lifted by the RBI, YES Bank announced the convenience of its customers. The YES Bank said that from March 19 to March 21, all the branches will open for customers an hour before i.e. 8:30 am.


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