Dehradun: Work to deliver gas pipeline from house to house next month


Special things
1532 crores, GAIL to deliver three lakh homes in eight years
Five thousand houses of the capital will be covered in six months
The company started the door-to-door connection process through two agencies

GAIL company will start laying the pipeline to deliver pasteurized natural gas (PNG) door-to-door from next month. PNG will be delivered to 5000 homes in Doon within the next six months.

The company will provide PNG facilities to three lakh households in eight years from 1532 crore. The company has started the process of providing its connections through two agencies. Apart from this, the company will also open five CNG stations by March.

On Friday, GAIL Gas Ltd. was located in the office of Doon Express Business Park in Subhash Nagar. K GM Marketing V Gautham informed that PNG registration has started in Mothrovala, Banjarawala, Saraswati Vihar, Deepnagar, Dehrakhas, Niranjanpur, Vasant Vihar, Indira Nagar area. The steel and MDPE pipeline network will start functioning in a month.

Five retail outlets and stations of CNG will be built by March. In six months, the PNG supply will start in five thousand houses. Told that 3088 square kilometers area in Doon will be covered through PNG, which will include the city as well as Doiwala, Rishikesh, Chakrata, Kalsi, Tuni, and Vikasnagar areas.

With the construction of 50 CNG stations in eight years, a target has been set to provide PNG to three lakh homes. Deputy General Manager Manish Goyal said that CNG stations will be opened for auto and private vehicles. Whereas connectivity has started for the door to door connection through Shakti Consulting and Yogmaya Agency for PNG connection. He informed that CNG and PNG will also be delivered in Mussoorie.

Initially, gas will arrive through DCU
Deputy General Manager Manish Goyal said that initially the gas will be pumped from the plant to the pipeline of houses from the DCU (De Compression Unit). Later, PNG will be supplied directly through the pipeline after a complete setup.

10% savings from PNG as compared to LPG

Deputy General Manager Manish Goyal claimed that there will be 10 percent savings from PNG as compared to LPG. Initially, four to five thousand rupees will have to be paid on making the connection. The bill will come once in two months. There will be a separate meter for the bill.

A control room will be issued

After the office opens, the control room number will also be issued by the company to the general public. People will be able to call this number for any type of problem, new connection, etc. After laying the gas pipeline in the initial phase, the company officials will also plan to lay a trap in the rest of the city by sitting in the office.

Pipeline safe, pollution less

Cylinder gas is heavier than air, so it spreads around when there is leakage, but natural gas is lighter than air. It leaks into the air when there is leakage, so there is less chance of an accident. Through this, housewives will benefit greatly. Natural gas is a positive initiative in curbing pollution.

Through these three options, you will be able to benefit

First option: In this, a rebate of one thousand rupees will be given for the security of five thousand rupees for the connection. At the same time, a security deposit of Rs 500 (refundable) will have to be paid for gas consumption.

Second option: In this, five rupees per day will have to be paid along with the bill. Which will be returned when closing the connection. Apart from this, 500 rupees (refundable) will have to be paid.

Third option: It will be charged one rupee per day along with the bill. The amount will not be refundable. Apart from this, 500 rupees (refundable) will have to be paid.

Advantages of PNG
– 24-hour supply, no limit on gas usage.
– Safer to be used and lighter than air.
– No hassle of low weight cylinders, no theft possible.
– No hassle with the booking.
– Environmentally friendly and economical.
– Payments after use, billing every two months.


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