Dehradun: Two students of a boarding school killed one student, father shared his pain

Rishikesh's Children

Two days ago, Rishikesh’s Children Home Academy had a case of a murder of Class VII student Vasu. The father of the deceased shared some information that would fill your eyes with tears.

According to a news in Hindustan Times, the father of the deceased student said that ‘I do not believe my son has been murdered. I still think that he is alive and cycling in front of me. He loved cycling. He always came to visit me in the shelter house.’ According to the Hindustan Times, the deceased student’s father is suffering from leprosy and he lives in a sheltered house in Uttar Pradesh. He said that on the 10th of March, a call came from the school management, they said that Vasu is ill. ‘I left everything and reached the hospital on the same day. Where I came to know that he has died. There was no member of the school staff in the hospital. When I asked the doctors, he told that Vasu was vomiting and there were some wounds on his body too.’ According to the police, no student of the school is currently ready to talk about this incident.

Principal CBS summit in the regional office
In the case of murder, the Principal of Children Home Academy was summoned to the CBSE’s regional office on Thursday. The principal said that the incident did not happen on the school premises but in a hostel away from the school.

Two days ago, a case of murder and beat-up in Ranipokhari (Rishikesh) was witnessed by two fellow students of Class-7 student of Children Home Academy. In this case, the police have put two accused students and two teachers in jail. Given the seriousness of the incident, the CBSE had summoned the principal of the school to the regional office.

Principal reached the office of CBSE Regional Officer Ranbir Singh. The Regional Officer has sent the report to the CBSE Central Office Delhi on the basis of information received after the inquiry.

Invoice warnings that CCTV cameras do not impose
After the death of the student of Children’s home academy, Vasu Yadav (12), Ranipokhari police have begun tightening the schools for not applying CCTV cameras. Schools without CCTV cameras have been warned.

Ranipokhari police had held a meeting with the operators of all educational institutions in the area one and a half month ago. During the meeting, the police chief, P. P. Bhatt had instructed everyone to set up CCTV cameras and security guards in educational institutions as per the order of the High Court.

In the meeting, the operators of all educational institutions had agreed, but they were aware by the incident of the Children’s Home Academy. Police Incharge PD Bhatt said that all such institutions in the area will be marked. Where security personnel and CCTV cameras are not installed. After this, the invoice will be done in the Police Act of those institutions.

Two eyewitnesses of the murder of student Vasu Yadav, a student studying at Children Home Academy, recorded statements in the court on Thursday. Police Incharge Ranipokhari PD Bhatt said that the statements of two eyewitnesses of the murder were lodged in the court late evening in the court of Judicial Magistrate Rishikesh Alok Kumar Tripathi.

What happened in boarding …
In the sensational disclosure of the incident, Police Incharge PD Bhatt had told that the accused students of the 12th standard had assassinated Vasu with a cricket bat. During the discussion, the information was received that Vasu on the 10th of March, while going to church, stole a packet of biscuits from a shop on the way, whose complaint was lodged by the shopkeeper Lekhpal in the church.

After this, the management scolded Vasu and issued instructions to stop the students from going out without permission. Crossing all the limits of humanity, the accused students first beat the innocent with bat and wicket stump of cricket. When the child became dumb, the accused took him to the roof and he washed it with cold water.

Five accused arrested
Despite the condition of the child being serious, the accused did not stop and gave him dirty water and forced to eat food. When the child became unconscious, the accused left him in the study room and went to his room. Warden Ajay admitted Vasu to the Himalayan hospital on March 11, looking unconscious, where he died. The police station said that he has also recovered bat and wicket stump used in the attack.

The five accused, who were arrested in the murder of student Vasu Yadav, were produced in the Police CJM Court, Dehradun, from where they were sent to jail in judicial custody. Among them, accused student Shubhankar, 19, son of Gangadhar, resident MDDA colony, Dalanwala, Dehradun, and Laxman, 19, son of Madan Rai, resident of Bhatinda, Punjab; both resident of Children Home Academy, Bhogpur; three others accused Praveen Masi resident Pauri Garhwal, Exercise teacher Ashok Soloman resident Bathinda and warden Ajay Kumar resident Bhogpur has been challenged for the eviction of evidence. Read more posts…


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