Dehradun: Two bogeys of Mussoorie Express derailed, many operations of trains affected


A day after the incident of the derailment of Ujjaini Express at Dehradun railway station, two bogeys of Mussoorie was derailed. It is assumed that there were no passengers on the train. Trains were affected due to the accident, which caused the passengers to face huge trouble. After the hardships, the bogeys were removed from the track, after which the trains started operating.

The departure of the Dehradun-Mussoorie express was scheduled at around 2:30 pm on Friday at the railway station. Meanwhile, due to technical flaws in the railway line, two bogeys of the train were derailed with a bang.

This caused a stir among the officials and employees. Apart from SD Dobhal, all the officers, engineers, policemen reached the spot in a hurry. After about half an hour’s hardship, the bogeys could be brought back on track.

During this time the operation of trains like Doon-Howrah, Doon-Amritsar, Doon-Varanasi, Delhi, Janshatabdi, Link Express, and Kathgodam was affected. Because of which the passengers had to face huge trouble.

Apart from this, due to the damage and repair work of the shunting line, there was a problem bringing the trains on track coming from Delhi, Prayagraj. Because of which these trains were delayed by several hours to Dehradun. On the other hand, orders of investigation have been issued after the accident. Station Superintendent SD Dobhal said that the accident will be investigated. If there was an accident due to the negligence of anybody, action will be taken against the concerned.

Strict action may be taken
One day ago, the DRM Tarun Prakash of Moradabad division had done a surprise inspection of the station with the top officials and rebuked the officers and engineers while expressing displeasure over the incident of Ujjaini express derailment. He warned that if such incidents happen in the future, strict departmental action will be taken against the concerned. It was not even 24-hours of the instructions of the DRM, that the Mussoorie Express derailed. In this case, it is decided to act on the officers and engineers.


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