Dehradun: To avoid invoicing, the drunken students risked their lives

Police have been running for hours behind a suspicious car in Dehradun. On the information of the cash van driver, the police tried to stop the car by putting a barrier, but the car rider fled from the dock. When the suspicion got deeper, many police stations’ police started chasing it.

The police stopped the car rider in Selaqui on gunpoint. Inquiries revealed that five young men aboard the car and they drank alcohol in the day. They were fleeing from the police to avoid invoicing. When the truth came out, the police rebuked the students and sealed the car.

The car rider dialed 100 suspecting the youths
On Wednesday, five students risked their lives just to avoid invoicing. In fact, five students from a University of Premnagar were returning from Rajpur road in the car after drinking alcohol at around 4 pm on Wednesday evening.

At the same time, the car driver did not give side to the cash van of SBI going through Rajpur road. The van driver gave the information about the suspected passengers by dialing 100. SP City Shweta Chaubey promptly instructed the police to stop the car. They attempted to stop the car by putting a barrier on the Panditwadi police post.

Instead of stopping, the car driver increased the speed
Instead of stopping, the car driver escalated the speed and escaped from there somehow. On this, Premnagar and Panditwadi police started pursuing the car. The driver ran his Car towards Petroleum University through Nanda’s post.

On the other hand, CO City Shekhar Suyal reached Premnagar forest along with Cantt Kotwali inspector Nadeem Athar. On the other hand, Sahaspur Police also got engaged in the reconnaissance of the car. The car rider came on the way to Vikasnagar Road via Bhauwala and Rudrapur. Meanwhile, the police of Selaqui police station of Sahaspur stopped them.

The youths were questioned deeply by taking to the police checkpoint
Assuming the suspect, they were knocked down from the car on a gunpoint. When nothing was found in the search, the police took the breath of relief. These youths were questioned deeply by taking them to a police checkpoint.

Superintendent of Police Shweta Chaubey said that five of them are students of Premnagar University. These young men had consumed liquor during the day. They were running to avoid police action. The driver did not have the fear that the cash van driver had complained him to the police. The car has been seized along with the medical help of these youths. In the evening, families were called and handed over to them. Read more posts…

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