Dehradun: Three-tier security on the counting of votes, it will be guarded by paramilitary forces, PAC and police

During counting, there will be a three-tier security circle at the Sports College of Dehradun. For this, the paramilitary forces around the voting site, then the PAC and for the outside, the security system will be handled by the police.

SSP Nivedita Kukreti said that any kind of omission will not be tolerated during this period. Meeting in this regard has been directed to all the jurisdictions. Along with this, two days before the counting of votes consultation with the officers of paramilitary forces in the wake of security will be held. Simultaneously, the traffic police have set gateways for different people to enter Sports College. There will be a separate gate for admission of agents, VIPs, and others.

Such will be the arrangements
Gate Number-1: For VIPs and Officers’ Vehicles. These vehicles will be parked on the right and left the side of the dispensary ax.
Gate Number-2: For the vehicles of the agents and policemen. These vehicles will be parked on the right and left side in front of the guest house.
Gate Number-2: The vehicles of the media, counting workers will be parked in front of the Ice Hockey Stadium through this gate. Read more posts…

– Dispensary junction
– Before the Shooting Range

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