Dehradun: The Kemadi-Mussorie road will be repaired before it rains

Before the rainy season begins, the district magistrate has issued instructions to repair Cantt-Kemadi-Mussoorie route. On Thursday, the District Magistrate inspected the road with the Public Works Department and police officials and ordered to deploy the task force by marking the landslide locations. He also issued orders to remove debris from the place and to repair the side walls.

District Magistrate SA Murugeshan said during the inspection that this route will be converted into an alternative route in the travel season to reduce the crowd in Mussoorie. Instructions to fill the potholes in the road with immediate effect. In addition, directing the Public Works Department to put indicators of road safety rules and to remove debris from there wherever there is a demarcation, also the matter of sending proposals to the government soon.

Apart from this, the District Magistrate and the Senior Superintendent of Police directed the removal of the collected garbage at Picture Palace, Mussoorie Library Chowk, and other places. He directed the Palika Parishad to open cleanliness system and choked drains in the city immediately. The District Magistrate instructed to use uninterrupted use of Barloganj and Jhaadi water route to facilitate tourists coming to and fro Dehradun-Mussoorie so that the movement of vehicles in Mussoorie could be smooth. Read more posts…

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