Dehradun: SSP punished for snoring on duty, policemen will run 10-10 km in three days

Special things
Seven policemen guarding the presiding officers were found sleeping on the couch
Senior Superintendent of Police Arun Mohan Joshi exposed negligence in checking
Three Haridwar policemen returned from VIP duty
A cash prize of one thousand rupees to the Laldhang outpost in-charge on duty with caution

The accidental checking of Senior Superintendent of Police Arun Mohan Joshi found seven policemen sleeping under the protection of the presiding officers. Expressing strong resentment, the SSP has ordered four policemen of the district to run 10-10 kilometers in the police line for three days. The three policemen, who came on VIP duty from Haridwar, ordered immediate relief.

SSP Arun Mohan Joshi reached Hotel Regenta in Premnagar directly on Wednesday night, where the presiding officers from many states of the country were staying. Seven policemen on duty were found snoring on the couch. Their weapons were also kept nearby. Suddenly seeing the SSP in front of him, his sleepy eyes became wider.

Order to join the defaulter parade

He expressed his displeasure and asked the policemen if their duty was to sleep. He ordered LIU constable Sandeep Kavi, Raipur police constable Sunil Prasad, Clementown police constables Amol Rathi and Sohan Singh to join the defaulter parade for negligence while on duty.

These policemen will run 10-10 kilometers by staying in the police line for three days. Instructed to send Sub-Inspector Ranveer Singh, Constable Ramesh Chandra and Nirmal Singh on VIP duty from Haridwar immediately on their deployment.

The SSP awarded the cash prize of one thousand rupees on alert duty to Manish Negi, the Deputy Inspector in-charge Lal Dhan Chowki, who was on duty at the main gate. Provided excellent entry at Prem Nagar Chowk, Kishan Nagar Chowk, and Dilaram Chowk, when found doing effective checking of employees on picket duty.

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