Dehradun: ‘Smart Eyes’ of Smart City to nab criminals

Smart City

450 Artificial Intelligence cameras are being installed in the city under Dehradun Smart City Ltd.
250 cameras will be installed till February, the rest will be done by May

The hope of escaping a criminal from the Dehradun Smart City will now be narrowed. 450 Artificial Intelligence cameras will be installed in the capital. Of these, 250 cameras will be installed by February. The remaining cameras will be installed by May. Photographic and other information captured in these cameras will identify the face of the culprit with analytical engine technology.

Under the Dehradun Smart City, artificial intelligence cameras are to be installed at many public places in the city. These will be operated by ‘Doon Forever’ (ICCC). In these, photos of criminals will be uploaded with the help of police. After that the criminal will be seen in whatever area of ​​the city. His photo will be immediately available to ‘Doon’ through Artificial Intelligence Camera. After that the information will reach the police immediately.

Action will be taken as soon as information is received
In ‘Doon Forever’, the analytical engine will identify the face in the photo. By searching on data, internet, and social media, the person with the related photo will be traced. Police will take action against him as soon as information is received.

Preparations are being made to install artificial intelligence cameras in the city to curb the rising crime. These cameras will be helpful in finding missing people. We will also upload photos of missing people in the software of these cameras. After that, the message will reach the police where the person concerned appears.
– Dr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava, CEO, Dehradun Smart City Ltd.


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