Dehradun: School forcefully fed meat to the student


Dehradun. At St. George’s school in Mussoorie, a student has accused of feeding meat forcefully during the festival. On the complaint of the students of the school, the State Child Rights Protection Commission has issued a notice to the school and sought the response. On the other hand, the school principal has called all the allegations as baseless.

The family alleges that the school has fed meat to the student during Navaratri. Apart from this, the students were not given a holiday for Diwali and Holi. When it was opposed, the student was sentenced to sit in a cemetery at night. After that, school management accused the student of smoking cigarettes and expelled them. The family says, after that the student could not get admission in 12th in any other school.

At the same time, school Principal Secretary Tommy Vargas denied all charges. He said that the student was expelled in the charges of using drugs and giving drugs to other students. There is no restriction or force for food at all. All the holidays in residential schools are celebrated with pomp. All children are taught to celebrate the festival together without leaving school.

Warning to St. Joseph Academy
The Commission has issued a notice to St. Joseph Academy, who received various benefits from the status of Minority category. The Commission has asked for documents related to various things such as documents related to society and income tax, from the school. If there is a disturbance, the minority status of the school can be eliminated.

Another notice to The Doon
The Child Commission had issued a notice to The Doon School in the case of non-operation and non-entry without delay. The school had mentioned in the response of not taking any kind of government assistance. On this, the Commission clarified that after the year 1937, The Doon School has been provided financial assistance of Rs 5.5 lakh from various governments. On this, the Commission issued notice and asked for clarification from the school.

Principal summoned
Parents of students studying here at Raja Ram Mohan Roy Academy have complained every year on the increase of fees and other problems including drinking water in the school. On this, the Commission has issued notice to the school and asked for clarification on the allegations. The Doon Yudhisthir Public School also issued a notice to all the teachers on expulsion.

(Note: The Doon School, St. Joseph Academy, Raja Ram Mohan Rai Academy, The Doon Yudhishtir Public School Management were contacted for their allegations on these allegations but their reply was not received.


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