Dehradun: Railway station filled with facilities, all trains will run from February 10

The historic railway station of Dehradun, which has been closed for yard re-modeling work for three months, is now very decorated. The number of platforms and its length has been increased. With the increase in the number of coaches and trains, passenger travel is now expected to be pleasing with improvement in passenger amenities.

Since November 10 last year, traffic has been blocked for 90 days at Doon station. Its deadline is being completed on February 7. By February 5 (Wednesday), numbers three and five are ready as new platforms.

Apart from this, the work of laying rails, changing the power cabin, electrification, the construction of stairs on the number three platform has also been completed. Some trains will start operating from Doon station on February 8.

Almost all trains will start running by 10
According to railway officials, from February 7, tracks of different trains will start reaching Doon station. From February 8, the movement of trains like Nanda Devi Express, Shatabdi Express, Doon Naini Express, Rafti Ganga Express, Mussoorie Express will start. The track of Jan Shatabdi Express running between New Delhi-Doon has gone to Ambala Division. Except for Upasana and Ujjaini Express, which were already suspended due to fog, movement of trains including Jan Shatabdi will start from 10 February.

Changed Platform Numbers
Following the yard re-modeling, some platform numbers have now been changed at Doon station. Two new platforms have also been built. Under the new system, the old number one platform has been reserved for standing trains. The old number two is now one and the old three is now number two platform.

Three number platforms have been newly designed between the washing line and the number two. The number five platform is built on the other side of the number four. A new ladder has been built to reach the number three platform from different platforms. This staircase is built by a connecting overbridge.

This work is yet to be done
The sheds above the platform number one, four and five of the old platform are yet to be changed. Apart from this, work on various passenger facilities, to start drinking water facility, beautification of bench and platform, is yet to be done. This work will continue according to the convenience after the movement of trains.

Two platforms built at Doiwala station
Along with Doon, Doiwala station has also been rejuvenated. There are now two platforms here. This will not have to wait much for the crossing in case of two trains coming.

The road to the station also started to become darker
With the arrival of trains from Doon station on the day, the road here is also becoming choppy. On the road outside the station towards Tyagi Road, coal tar was laid on Wednesday.

Loss of nearly 13.5 million
The railways are estimated to have a loss of about Rs 13.5 crore due to the stoppage of trains at Doon station. Booking of tickets and parcels from Dehradun station earns around Rs 15 lakh a day. In such a situation, due to not running the train for 90 days, this figure reaches about 13.5 million rupees.

Almost all the operations related to operating have been completed. Some of the passenger amenities and furnishings are in the final stages. The movement of some trains will start from February 8. The movement of trains other than those stopped due to fog will start from February 10.
– Ganesh Chand Thakur, Station Director

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