Dehradun: Preparations for Dengue war along with Corona, fishes are flown in from Kolkata to feed on larvae

Preparations for Dengue war

Preparations completed in five hospitals including coronation for dengue

Along with the corona in Dehradun, preparations for war with dengue are also going on. District Magistrate Dr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava said that fishes have been sourced from Kolkata and Bhimtal to eat dengue larvae. These fish will reach Doon within four to five days. These fish will be released at waterlogged sites.

I told that the administration team has been working for 20 days on dengue. Now it is being accelerated further. People are being made aware. Preparations have been completed at Coronation, Gandhi Hospital, Premnagar, Rishikesh, and Raipur Joint Hospitals.

Work is also underway to mark a hospital in Vikasnagar for the treatment of dengue. ELISA kit is present for the test. Appeal to people not to allow clean water to collect. Dengue mosquito is in clean water. Apart from this, efforts to promote blood donation have intensified. There is an appeal to all organizations to come forward for blood donation.

Fever survey will be done for early identification of patients

Fever surveys will be conducted for the early identification of dengue patients in the state. If suspected symptoms of dengue are detected, the patient will be sampled. On confirmation of dengue, the focal spray will be done in a radius of 50 houses around the patient’s home. At the same time, dealing with dengue will be designated as the nodal officer in the Isolation Ward.

Secretary Health Amit Singh Negi has issued guidelines to all the District Magistrates, all departments, and Municipal Commissioners for the prevention of Dengue disease. It said that the District Magistrate would regularly review the work being done for the prevention of dengue. There is no waterlogging around hospitals with COVID Care Centers and Institutional Quarantine Centers. PRD and volunteers should be deployed for this problem.

The Secretary said that there is a dengue transition period from June to November. In view of this, a block-wise micro plan should be made for dengue control. According to the guideline of the center, separate Isolation wards should be created for the treatment of dengue patients in the district, base hospital, medical colleges. There should be a bed with a mosquito net.


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