Dehradun police work out many case on day

Dehradun police arrested criminals in different cases and showed the way to jail. Two young men on Scooty, who came to pour oil at a petrol pump in Dehradun’s Ladpur, fled with a bag full of cash. Their entire handiwork was captured in CCTV cameras. The police reached both the accused based on the scooty number. Police were busy interrogating them till late at night.

There is a petrol pump in the name of Kanha Fuel Center at Ladpur in the Raipur police station area. Around quarter to eleven o’clock, the salesmen hung a bag of cash on the feeding machine. Meanwhile, two young men came with Scooty. After taking the oil, the accused took the bag hanging on the machine. At that time, the salesmen could not get a sense of it. After some time the bag was found missing, the incident was revealed. After the information of Petrol Pump owner Neeraj Kumar, SP City Shweta Choubey directed the Raipur Police to take action.

When we looked at the CCTV cameras installed at the petrol pump, the whole act of the accused came to light. Based on the footage, the police did not delay in reaching the scooty owner. Police took both the Scooty riders in custody in the evening. The police is busy interrogating them. There were an amount of three and a half thousand rupees in the bag, which was kept there in the open for change. These young men thought that there would be thick cash in the bag.

The former military arrested in pistol shooting, brother-in-law absconding
Police have arrested the former army officer for assaulting employees and firing pistols at the Mohanpur Pavas House due to power cuts. The accused’s brother-in-law in the case is absconding. According to the Premnagar police station in-charge Dharmendra Rautela, two people reached Mohanpur Power House on the night of January 7 and fired on a pistol while fighting with employees.

In this case, a case was filed against the unknown on the Tahrir of the employee Hriday Rana. During the investigation, the presence of former army officer Subodh Tomar and his brother-in-law Shubham Panwar alias Ankit Pawar was found. Police arrested Subodh Tomar from Thakurpur Road while his brother-in-law Shubham Panwar is absconding. The pistol used in the incident is expected to be recovered after Shubham’s arrest. Only Shubham can tell where the pistol came from. After his retirement from the army, Subodh runs a milk dairy in Premnagar, police said.

Doctor arrested with fake currency of 11 thousand

The Clementstown Police has arrested a doctor of Ayurveda wanted in fake currency case with fake notes of 11 thousand. During the chase, the accused ran from the back door of the house, but the policemen chased and nabbed him. Two accomplices of the accused were caught in September with fake currency of six and a half lakhs.

Clementtown Police arrested Rajesh Gautam, resident of Harsh Vihar and Vikram Chauhan, of resident Hapur on 17 September on charges of making fake notes. Fake notes, printers, pistols, etc. worth six and a half lakh rupees were recovered from them. While Sanjay Sharma, a resident of Maktoolpuri, Roorkee, was running as desired. The police were looking for him since then.

SP City Shweta Choubey said that the police team arrested the accused from Roorkee. During interrogation, Sanjay Sharma said that he is a doctor of Ayurveda. This business was started in the financial crisis due to the lack of clinics. The court has sent the accused to judicial custody in jail.

Fugitive killer Rakesh Tyagi arrested for four years
Clementown police arrested Rakesh Tyagi, a fugitive murderer for four years from the stronghold Mukteshwar area. In 2015, he was not appearing in the court in connection with the murder of Vipul Tyagi. The court had also ordered attachment of the houses of those taking bail of the accused.

The Clementtown Police arrested the accused Rakesh Tyagi on the basis of non-bailable warrant from his residence at Khilwai village in Garh Mukteshwar. The accused, along with seven of his companions, murdered Vipul Tyagi in the Clementown area on March 29, 2015 after he was kidnapped in a property dispute.

SO Narottam Bisht said that the accused was not appearing in the court since he got bail four years ago. He went underground after consecutive warrants were issued from the court. The police had arrested several accused in the stronghold of Mukteshwar area. Rakesh Tyagi was caught from the house on the basis of accurate information. The accused was produced in the court from where he was sent to jail under judicial custody.

E-rickshaw driver arrested for molesting student
Police have arrested the e-rickshaw driver on Turner Road for allegedly molesting a student. When the student made a noise protesting the molestation, the accused had run away but was later caught by the police. Superintendent of Police Shweta Choubey said that the girl, resident of Clementstown was going to the gym on Tuesday evening. During this time, the e-rickshaw driver on Turner Road chased him and made snails.

At that time, the woman did not take the incident seriously. On the way back, the rickshaw driver tried to force the girl into an e-rickshaw. A young woman who was shocked by the unexpected incident made a noise. People gathered on the spot after hearing the noise, but by then the accused absconded. Clementown Police became active as soon as the information was received. After registering a case against the victim’s Tahrir, a team was formed to arrest the accused.

SP Shweta Chaubey said that based on the CCTV footage, the accused was identified and the search was raided. Meanwhile, the accused along with e-rickshaws were caught.

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