Dehradun: On the assurance of affirmative action, the procession ends at around ten o’clock in the night

Angered villagers sitting at the Coronation Hospital premises ended the procession at around 10 pm on the assurance of positive action on all demands, including the arrest of the accused. Along with this, they had warned that until all the accused were not arrested, they will not cremate the body of Jitendra Das.

For the various demands, the villagers were to take the body of Jitendra Das to the Chief Minister’s residence. In the meanwhile, the police got its attention and they stopped the villagers in Coronation Hospital. The angry villagers sat on procession within the premises only. The precautionary administration sent CO Jaya Balooni to Coronation Hospital along with the police force on Dilaram Chowk and the Canton police siege outside the CM house. At the same time, CO Jaya Balooni tried to explain the family in the hospital. But the villagers alleged that the police could not catch any single accused in nine days, while the accused openly threatened the family of the victim.

Meanwhile, SP Shweta Chaube and SDM Kamlesh Mehta also reached the spot. The villagers handed over an indictment addressed to the government Shweta Chaube and SDM Kamlesh Mehta. Meanwhile, the villagers warned that till all the accused are not arrested, they will not cremate the dead body. On this, the officials assured that they would make the government and the high officials aware of their demands, after which the villagers finished the agitation at about ten o’clock in the night. In addition to Jitendra’s family members, Congress Scheduled Caste Chairperson Darshan Lal, Mohan Nirala, Jabar Singh Verma, Sobhan Das, Sandeep Khanna, Pradeep Kavi, Pritam Das, Elam Das, Shivdas, Sher Singh Dogra, Lakhiram, Rajendra Kohli, Subhash Kohli, Alok Kumar, etc. were present.

Demands of villagers
>> CO Chamba and police station should be suspended.
>> A member of the victim’s family should be given a job. Besides, security should be provided to the family.
>> Until all the accused are arrested, he will not be cremated.
>> The number of cases related to the Dalits in the state will be disposed of soon.

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