Dehradun: New vehicle arrived at the showroom, it will be delivered only after the number plate

The Union Ministry of Transport has mandated high-security number plates in all vehicles from April 1. After that, the new stock of vehicles has reached most of the city’s two-wheeler showrooms. In such a situation, two-wheeler vehicles within the next two-three days will exit from the showroom after number plates are placed. Now, in order to make the number plate, the vehicle owners will not have to go to the RTO.

The Union Ministry of Transportation issued a notification on December 4, 2018. Under this, it was compulsory to install a high-security number plate in all vehicles from April 1, 2019. According to the order, vehicles are to be given number plates only by the dealer. The stock of March has ended in most of the city’s two-wheeler showrooms. In the last two-three days, new stock has arrived, in which two-wheeler vehicles will be taken out of the showroom after the number plate is placed within the next two to three days.

Lakshit Batta of the Sanwi Hero located in the market checkpoint said that the owner will not be charged a separate 245 rupees for the number plate to be set in his two-wheeled vehicle. He said that the high-security number plate will be dynamic. There will be a GPS based chip in it. Through which the police control room and regional transport office can track any vehicle anytime.

The work of introducing high-security registration plates on the vehicles in the showroom will start soon. Vehicles made in April in many showrooms have reached. In these, vehicle owners will put the number plate in the showroom itself. – Arvind Pandey, ARTO
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