Dehradun: More than seven lakh paracetamol was consumed in two months due to dengue and viral

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Dengue and viral demand increased wildly

Over seven lakh paracetamol (PCM) pills were consumed in various hospitals in Doon due to the outbreak of dengue and viral. Apart from this, sales of thermometers from medical stores also increased significantly.

In July, dengue started wreaking havoc in Doon. In August and September, there was a sudden rise in the number of dengue patients in hospitals and the number of patients increased significantly. According to Health Department data, the number of dengue patients in July, August, and September were more than four thousand.

This led to a tremendous increase in sales and consumption of paracetamol, thermometers and IV fluids. In August, September, more than seven and a half lakh paracetamol tablets were consumed in the three major hospitals of Doon, Doon Medical College, Coronation, and Gandhi Shatabdi Hospital.

Paracetamol consumption in government hospitals
Doon Hospital: 1,88500 in August, 271000 pills in September
Coronation Hospital: 123300 in August, 10,000 pills in September
Gandhi Shatabdi Hospital: 50000 in August, 60000 in September

Medical stores increased twice

President of the Chemist Association Navneet Malhotra said that there are about one thousand medical stores in Doon. In the past two months, sales of paracetamol at medical stores have doubled, where previously two to three cans were sold at medical stores. At the same time, the number was four to five in August-September. The sales of thermometers also increased by one and a half times.

In dengue, only paracetamol is recommended to patients. Therefore, there is an increase in its consumption and sales. Paracetamol is also beneficial in viral fever. This increases the demand for paracetamol.
– Praveen Panwar, Senior Physician, Gandhi Shatabdi Hospital

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