Dehradun: MKP again handed over to DM, teacher-employees had not received a salary for two months


Government-appointed District Collector as Administrator
Now elections will be held for the new society under the High Court order
The dispute in MKP Society has been going on for almost seven years

The MKP PG College of Dehradun has once again been handed over to the District Magistrate. Principal Secretary Anandvardhan has issued its orders. Under the High Court’s order, till the election of the new society, the MKP will have the responsibility of the District Magistrate C. Ravi Shankar as Administrator.

The society has been in dispute for almost seven years at MKP PG College. Earlier, Principal Dr. Indu Singh was sent by the management on leave. The dispute over it reached the High Court, on 10 July 2013, the then Principal Secretary Higher Education Radha Raturi handed over the responsibility of MKP to the DM.

For a long time, the District Magistrate was the one who was holding the responsibility as Administrator in the Society. On January 8, the High Court has issued an order on matters related to MKP. Under this, the High Court, considering the previously formed society as being against the rules, has ordered to conduct elections for the formation of a new society soon. Under these orders, the Directorate of Higher Education sent a letter to the government.

Executive relationship
On the basis of this letter, DM has been re-appointed as Administrator in MKP. Principal Secretary Anand Vardhan says that teachers and staff have not been paid salaries in MKP College for two months. Work was also not being done here under the National Higher Education Campaign (RUSA). All financial arrangements related to the college were being disrupted. So till the election of the new society, the DM will look after the arrangements of the college as an administrator.

The MKP has been involved in many years of PG College managing committee and controversies. In the past too, the controversy over the functioning of the principal from the expenses in the college had increased so much that it reached the Supreme Court. Earlier the controversy started with the removal of the former principal of MKP College, Dr. Indu Singh.

She was removed from the post alleging misuse of powers. The case reached the court through Garhwal University. Meanwhile, the managing committee made Dr. Kiran Sood as acting principal. The matter was met at a time when the Directorate of Higher Education had stopped the salary of non-teaching staff, considering Dr. Kiran Sood as the principal.

The Directorate’s argument was that Dr. Kiran Sood is not a legal Principal, while the Garhwal University Vice-Chancellor responded that Dr. Indu Singh was the principal. Eventually, the administration dissolved the executive. However, now Dr. Indu Singh and Dr. Kiran Sood have retired.


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