Dehradun: Lessons to educate teachers in ‘Buniyaad Ki Aur’

Special Guests

A lesson was taught to impart better education to the teachers in the two-day training program ‘Buniyad Ki Aur’ (towards the foundation) organized by the Central School Organization New Delhi. In the program, 300 Principals and teachers from 25 different regions of the country took part.

At the launch of the program, the students of K.V. Raipur presented a colorful presentation. In the program, Additional Commissioner of the Organization, Uday Narayan Khawade, joined as Chief Guest. On Monday, in a program held at a hotel in Subhash Road, teachers were told about various policies to strengthen the foundations of the students.

On the first day of the training program, Additional Commissioner of the Organization, Uday Narayan Khawade, while addressing the teachers and students of KV said that the teacher is an institute in his own, who has got knowledge of different subjects. Knowledge is a kind of earning. The more you divide, the more it grows. He said that to overcome the distance between teacher and student is a big challenge. For this, the teachers will have to make studies interesting. Along with this, children must be taught about the change in society, from the curriculum.

Principal Dr. Poonam Singh presided over the program. In the program, Assistant Commissioner of Chandigarh Division T Rukmini, Assistant Commissioner of Delhi Division Sanjeev Kumar, Assistant Commissioner of Gurugram division KR Chugh and Assistant Commissioner of Jammu Division DP Patel discussed various topics of education in detail. Pia Thakur, Tajuddin Shaikh, SK Chauhan, EV Ramana, Nita Khurana, Alka Gupta, etc. were present on this occasion. Read more posts…


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