Dehradun: Income tax raids at CMI Hospital and Rishikesh, documents captured

Income Tax

The Income Tax Department conducted raids in Doon and Rishikesh on Tuesday. Raids were conducted at CMI Hospital in Doon and Tirupati Traders in Rishikesh. The team is also checking the required documents at both places. The investigation was on until the news was written. The raid of income tax led to a day-long commotion in both places.

The Income Tax Department had indicated raids in the state about two weeks ago. Two teams of the department were constituted on Tuesday under the direction of Principal Income Tax Commissioner Sumati Srivastava.

One team led CMI Hospital under Joint Commissioner Bhopal Singh at 11 am while another team reached Tirupati Traders in Rishikesh and started an investigation. Policemen were deployed at CMI Hospital for security.

During the action, Income Tax officials collected information related to the number of patients admitted to CMI, their deposited money as well as the expenses incurred in the hospital, salaries paid to the employees. They are then matched.

On the other hand, a raid was also conducted in Tirupati Traders under the leadership of Assistant Commissioner Vaibhav Vikas Goyal in Rishikesh. The raid was going on at Tirupati Traders’ office and owner Ashish Gupta.

Here too, the team has captured the necessary documents related to income and expenditure and they are being matched. The action continued at both places until the news was written. Income tax officials said that after proving income tax evasion during this period, they will be given an opportunity to pay fines in both cases.

This matter can be terminated here, after depositing the fine. If this is not done then further legal action will be taken in this matter. During the investigation, employees from both institutions were not allowed out.


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