Dehradun: Here…spread of network of vicious cyber thugs, there…Police helpless, a special report

cyber thugs

People do not take cognizance of petty cases, earning money for the looting of people every day
15 to 20 cases reaching daily in the cyber cell, people are sent to the police station

There is chaos over the robbery and robbery incident, but the cases of cyber frauds do not happen anywhere. It is believed that cyber thugs daily take accounts of seven to eight lakh rupees from the accounts of common people.

Due to most of the incidents not getting in the police records, neither they are being reviewed in any way nor accountability is being fixed. If sources are to be believed, 15 to 20 cases of cheating are coming to the police through various mediums, which remain confined in the files in the name of investigation. Some victims do not come forward to avoid the mess of the police.

The first cyber station of the state was opened in Dehradun in view of the increasing cybercrimes, but it is unable to meet the aspirations of the people. Except for a few big cases, small matters are not taken care of in this police station. Those who bring complaints are shown the way to the cyber cell or police station of the district.

Due to limited resources, the cyber cell is not able to work with the urgency that is needed. From the government to the police officers, neither are behind in expressing concern about cybercrimes nor are interested in registering 100% cases of fraud. The result is that after being victimized by cyber thugs, ordinary people are unable to do anything except cursing their luck.

According to sources, in Dehradun district, there are 15 to 20 complaints of the daily flow of money from bank accounts. Vicious cyber thugs are luring people into their bank accounts. According to an estimate, seven to eight lakh rupees are being cheated every day.

Amidst the frauds, the game of knowing the account number and debit or credit card confidential number or OTP number of cyber frauds is becoming the most lucrative cyber fraud. Surprisingly, most of the victims of fraud are educated. This situation is when the police from the police to the cyber police station is running an awareness campaign.

A cyber cell has been set up at the district level to address cyber fraudulent complaints. After investigation, the concerned police station is recommended to register an FIR. The police in-charge has been instructed to take serious action against incidents of cyber fraud.
– Arun Mohan Joshi, DIG Dehradun

Awareness is important to avoid cyber fraud. For this, awareness seminars are organized by the Cyber ​​Police Station in schools, government offices, and private institutions. An attempt has also been made to make people aware through social media. It is being said that no bank asks its customers for confidential information related to the account. Despite this, people get caught in the bluff.
– Riddhima Agarwal, DIG, Special Task Force

Current events
– 57999 rupees were withdrawn from the account of Rajendra Singh, resident of Tyagi Road in the city.
– 53 thousand rupees were blown from the account of Mohammad Isan, a resident of Shivalik Enclave of Patel Nagar.
– Cyber ​​duping of 99455 rupees was blown from the account of Alok Sakalani, resident of Chukkhuwala of the city.
– Fraud of Salawala resident Sushil’s account, one lakh 40 thousand 396 rupees withdrawn.

Your awareness is your biggest defense

– Do not tell the details of your ATM and bank accounts over the phone to any person. The bank never calls you for ATM card closure.
– Do not share your debit and credit card number, password, secure PIN, CVV number with anyone.
– Do not give any information and money to anyone when winning the lottery and doubling the amount of insurance such as phone calls or emails.
– Do not share your personal information on phone calls from any social media, messenger like Facebook, Whatsapp or any unknown number.
– Keep changing your important passwords at regular intervals. Do not click on unwanted messages and links.
Always use the Secure website while doing important work online.


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