Dehradun: GST theft of 50 lakhs seen in two coaching institutes, so far 300 crores recovered


The State Tax Department’s STF team has seized 50 lakh tax evasion of two coaching institutes of Dehradun. Both institutions have not filed returns by showing less turnover of more than 5 crores. On this, the department has taken action by ascertaining the turnover of coaching institutions from various sources. The Department has given time to deposit the outstanding tax amount within 15 days.

GST theft firms, institutions, and businessmen are on the radar of the state tax department by showing less turnover. On the instructions of Commissioner Tax and Secretary Finance Amit Negi, the STF team raided two coaching institutes of Dehradun on Friday and took action.

Under the leadership of Joint Commissioner Shahab Ali, the team examined the tax-related documents of coaching institutions. It was found that the owner of both coaching institutes is one, but the registration in the State Tax Department is different.

The department took action after preparing the details of tax evasion with the fees receipt, bank details and return files of coaching students. Initial investigations found that coaching institutes did not make a declaration of turn over of more than five crore rupees nor filed a return.

After scrutiny of documents, tax evasion of 50 lakhs was seized from both the institutions. The department has asked the owners of the institutions to deposit the outstanding tax amount within 15 days. If the tax is not deposited within the prescribed time limit, action will be taken as per the provisions of the GST Act on behalf of the department. In the team, Deputy Commissioner STF SS Tiruva, Assistant Commissioner Jaideep Rawat, State Tax Officer Umesh Dubey, and Mohammed Imran were present.

Rs 300 crore tax evasion in the state so far
The state tax department and central GST intelligence had screwed over tax evasion scam traders and firms. Within one year, both the departments in Uttrakhand have stolen a GST of Rs 262 crore. The traders have deposited around 180 crore tax.

In the financial year 2018-19, the department had seized tax evasion of Rs 162 crore in 72 cases from across the state. After issuing notice, the traders have also deposited a hundred crore of tax.


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