Dehradun: Emergency gate of Ashok Leyland’s moving bus broken, earlier wiring complaint received

Ashok Leyland

After the wiring of the Tata Company’s bus, the flaw in the emergency gate now exposed

After the Tata company in Dehradun, the gap in the new buses of Ashok Leyland Company is coming to light. After dismantling the wiring of Ashok Leyland buses recently, the emergency gate of the bus running at high speed fell off. It was good that after the emergency gate broke, it didn’t on anyone or else a big accident could happen.

General Manager Deepak Jain, on the other hand, says that the incident occurred due to a passenger tampering with the lever of the emergency gate during the journey. The matter is being investigated. According to roadways sources, the Ashok Leyland Company bus was coming from Rishikesh to Dehradun on Friday morning.

Meanwhile, the emergency gate on the roof of the bus suddenly broke with a loud sound and fell away. After the incident, the driver lifted the broken gate with the help of the operator and placed it inside the bus.

Employees are raising questions about the quality of the emergency gate breakdown. General Manager Deepak Jain says that during the journey a passenger tampered with the lever of the emergency gate. Due to which the emergency gate was broken. Emergency gates have been installed on the roof of the bus from the company.

So that passengers can get out safely using this gate in the event of a bus crash and overturning. Recently, the wiring under the mudguard of several buses of Ashok Leyland Company had gone out. The repair was carried out by the team of company experts on the information of the roadways manager.


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