Dehradun: Drunken students’ vehicle collided and overturned, one died

Scorpio of the intoxicated students collided in Dehradun. Akash Chaudhary, who was driving the Scorpio in the accident, died.

On the other hand, Ayush, Shivam, and Prashant have been marginally injured. According to the information, Rajpur police got information on rash driving on Tuesday night. In the meantime, Scorpio was overturned in Mayur Vihar. Akash Chaudhary, a resident of Amroha, died in the accident. All students are from UP and study in different institutes.

SO Rajpur Chandrabhan Adhikari informed that the said students were roaming with the Scorpio of a young man named Rohit. Swords and sticks are found in the Scorpio. Read more posts…

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