Dehradun: Drunk car driver, a lawyer, hits three vehicles, five injured

Drunk car driver

Special things
Five people injured, including couple, out of danger
Three vehicles collided with a car
Five people injured, all out of danger

A drunk car driver drove in a two-wheeler dangerously, in which five people including a two-wheeler driver were injured. The driver of the car, who is said to be an advocate, has got the medical treatment done by the police, in which the drug has been confirmed.

On Sunday evening, on Sahastradhara Road in Thana Raipur area, the car driver hit three two-wheelers on the road near Time Square Mall. The car then went uncontrolled and hit the roadside pole. Five people were injured in the accident. Police reached the spot from Raipur police station on the information.

Transported to the nearest hospital via 108
The police took the injured through 108 to the nearest hospital, where everyone is undergoing treatment. The injured have been identified as Mangal Singh Rana, Shobha Rana (wife of Mangal Singh Rana), Pancham Rana, Devendra Singh Rana, resident of Vikasnagar and Subhash Sonkar (resident of New Basti Rispana Nagar).

SSI Raipur Manohar Singh Rawat said on Sunday night that the collision car was speeding. Car driver Shashank Sachdev, who is said to be an advocate, has been taken into custody. He has been confirmed to be drunk in a medical examination. In view of security, the action is being taken by the police by standing all the vehicles in the police station. The condition of the injured is out of danger.


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