Dehradun: Data of patients crossed 1900, hospital filled with dengue panic

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Patients running to hospitals even in normal fever
Patients are also being treated on stretchers

The impact of dengue panic and outbreak is also seen in hospitals in the capital. Most hospitals do not have a single bed empty. The situation is that patients are being treated on stretchers in many places, even then they are not getting any luck. There is so much fear of dengue in people that even patients with normal viral fever are pressurizing doctors to hospitalize and this has become a cause of fear.

In Dehradun, there is a situation around Dengue. The number of dengue patients in the district has reached more than 1900. Talk about the three major government hospitals in the city, there is no day when a bed is easily found empty in the hospital. Government Doon Medical Hospital, the largest government hospital in the state, has 567 beds. All these beds remain almost full daily. The hospital has 65 beds for dengue patients.

So far 700 patients have been admitted in this season. There were 52 patients admitted on Sunday. While 39 beds in Coronation and 31 beds in Gandhi Shatabdi are for dengue patients. These beds of both hospitals were full on Sunday. Bhupendra Raturi, Senior PRO of Shree Mahant Indiresh Hospital, Patelnagar said that on average, 60 patients with primary symptoms of dengue are reaching the hospital daily. Many times, up to 40 patients are getting dengue positive and have to be admitted. Apart from this, a large number of patients are also reaching various hospitals in the city.

Dengue investigation was done on Sunday too
In view of the outbreak of dengue, it was also tested at Gandhi Shatabdi and Coronation Hospital on Sunday. CMS of both the hospitals, Dr. BC Ramola said that 172 patients with dengue symptoms at Coronation and 101 patients at Gandhi Shatabdi Hospital arrived for examination. Whereas, at the emergency of Doon Hospital, the Medical Superintendent himself, Dr. KK Tamta, a Senior Physician, a JR and a CMO (Casualty Medical Officer) checked up 300 patients with dengue symptoms.

Increased pressure on blood banks
As dengue is becoming dangerous, there is increasing pressure on the blood banks of the city for blood and platelets. The blood bank of Doon Hospital had 300 units of blood on Sunday. Dr. Tamta of the hospital said that the families of patients admitted to private hospitals have taken 199 units of blood so far. Whereas dengue patients admitted in Doon Hospital need only 22 units of blood. At the same time, Dr. Sanjay Upreti, in-charge of IMA Blood Bank, said that on an average 80 units of platelets and 20 units of jumbo packs of blood are required daily. Due to which there is a lot of pressure on the blood bank. Similarly, 50-70 units of blood are being consumed daily in the blood bank of Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital. To fulfill the blood supply, small blood donation camps are being organized by the hospital with various institutions.

Crowd in the pathology lab
There is also a large crowd in the open pathology lab in the major hospitals of the city, pathology labs to streets. Due to dengue panic, people are getting dengue screening even if they have a normal viral fever.

Don’t panic, says doctor
Senior Physician Dr. Rajendra, the Nodal Officer of Dengue of Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital, Patel Nagar, says that there is no need to panic with dengue. The primary symptoms of dengue are fever, vomiting, body rash, joint or leg pain and back pain. See a doctor if you have these symptoms. Paracetamol is usually given to the patient to reduce fever. Do not take any medicine on your own. Get treatment on the advice of a qualified doctor. Eat plenty of water and liquid foods.

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