Dehradun: A youth arrested with fake notes of 2.09 lakh rupees

Dehradun police have arrested a youth with fake notes of 2.09 lakh rupees. The accused used to work in a petrol pump in Dehradun and used to print fake currency and supply it in Hyderabad. From him, the luggage, printer, paper cutter, ink, etc are also recovered.

Senior Superintendent of Police Nivedita Kukreti said that on Wednesday it was reported that a person prints fake notes in Dehradun. On the basis of strong information, police arrested Shakir son Mehdi Hassan resident of village Agwanpur police station Chazalat district Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh) during checking on Ring road. He had some fake notes. On the intense inquiry and his bluff, the police recovered counterfeit of 500 notes of Rs 2.09 lakh rupees from his house. Inquiries revealed that he works in a petrol pump located at Mussoorie Road.

Shakir was arrested by the Nehru Colony police station on charges of keeping fake notes in the year 2008, 11 years ago. The accused told the police that he used to supply fake notes in Doon to supply a broker in Hyderabad. The SSP said that so far only this has been found that he was the only person involved in this business. Inquiries are also being done to know about his companions. The accused was presented in the court, from which he has been sent to jail.

500 note was sold for Rs 175
Shakir, arrested with fake notes, is the old ‘player’ of this business. Once after the punishment was cut, the business was re-entered. With this work, he had got huge money. He used to make fake notes of five hundred rupees at the cost of two rupees and used to sell it for 175 rupees. To show the people he used to work to put punctures in the petrol pump.

Based on inquiries from Shakir, the police said that he used to scan five hundred notes and print on the quality paper. For finishing, he used sharp cutters. That note looks like the real one. The cost of making a note ranges from two rupees to three rupees. He sold these notes for 35 to 40 percent of the commission. Two months ago, he supplied 50 thousand rupees to Ahmedabad. He sold it for 17500 rupees according to the 35 percent of the commission. The SSP said that the police suspect that he has also run some notes in Dehradun. There is also a doubt that any of his colleagues can also be in Dehradun.

Fake notes have already been caught
In late December, Selaqui Police also arrested an accused with fake notes of Rs 70 thousand rupees. In addition, the city has exposed such businesses in Kotwali, Dalanwala and other places. According to the police, the report is also being sent to the government.

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