Dehradun: 80 thousand voters will be out of voters list, this is the reason behind

80 thousand voters

About one lakh duplicate voters, names of 60-70 thousand voters will be added in district Dehradun

The names of about 80 thousand voters will be cut from the electoral rolls of Dehradun district. However, 60-70 thousand new voters are yet to be included. This is due to the difference in the project population and the number of voters. This difference is about 15 thousand voters.

Actually, Dehradun district’s Project Population (over 18 years) is 13,48,969. Whereas, according to the figures so far, the number of voters is 13,63,919. There is a difference of about 15 thousand.

This mathematics of voters and project population is deteriorating due to duplicate and shift voters. It is not yet clear how many voters went from here and how many new people came?

Deputy District Election Officer Ramjisharan Sharma said that it has come to light in the investigation that there are about one lakh voters whose names are registered in more than one place. It is estimated that 80 thousand of these voters’ names are to be removed from the voter list.

Whereas, the names of 60-70 thousand voters (of different age groups) are to be included in the list. He told that only after cutting the names of duplicate voters and adding the names of new voters, the difference in project population and the number of voters can be eliminated.

Names of 70 thousand people have been cut in the past too
After scrutiny of duplicate voters, the names of about 70 thousand people have also been cut in December-2019. Right now the math of the number of women is not even fit. According to Project Population, there are 902 females per 1000 males. However, according to the present photo-rich voter list, this number is only 887. The difference between these 15 women is also to be corrected.


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