Dehradun: 25% discount on depositing commercial tax by 31 January

commercial tax

Special things
Municipal administration had introduced new rates of commercial house tax on 18 December in 32 wards
Municipal commissioner orders, five percent waiver to be done after January 31

The Dehradun Municipal Corporation has given a 25 percent exemption on depositing commercial tax till 31 January after applying commercial house tax rates on commercial buildings existing in 32 new wards. After January 31, the five percent discount will be abolished.

The corporation administration had imposed commercial house tax rates in 32 wards of 72 new villages after joining the corporation since last Wednesday. Also, the corporation will be given a 20 percent discount on depositing commercial house tax by 31 January.

At the same time, an additional discount of five percent will be given on the remaining amount. After January 31, the five percent discount will be abolished. The corporation has made a series of Pakka-kaccha buildings, plots, on the basis of which tax will be collected. Apart from this, house tax rates have also been fixed based on the width of the road.

These wards will get the benefit of rebate
Malsi, Danda Lakhaund, Nanurkheda, Aamwala Tarla, Mohkampur, Mianwala, Banjarawala, Bharwala Grant, Mothrovala, Mohabbaywala, Nathanpur-1 and Nathnapur-2, Doval Chowk, Vijaypur, Harbhajwala, Ranjawala, Gujrada Mansingh, Ladpur, Nehrukala, Raipur, Pithuwala, Mehunwala, Nawada, Harrawala, Balawala, Nathuvawala, Chandrabani, Arkadia-1, Arkadia-2, Nakraunda.

A rebate of 20 and an additional five percent will be given on the submission of commercial house tax applicable to commercial buildings of the new 32 wards by 31 January. After this five percent discount will be abolished. Residential buildings here are kept outside the purview of house tax for 10 years.
– Vinay Shankar Pandey, Municipal Commissioner


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