Daughters on the summit: Muskaan will be the first woman pilot from the marginal district, Sor daughter to make to Everest

Two daughters of Kumaon in Uttarakhand have not only brought honour to the state, but also to the country. Muskaan of Son village of Pithoragarh in the marginal district has touched the sky by getting a license to fly commercial aircrafts.

After completing 200 hours of flight training, Muskaan has got a license to fly a commercial airplane. She will be the first woman pilot in the district. At the same time, the second daughter of Sor, Sheetal is set out to conquer the Mt. Everest. If everything goes fine then she will be on the top of the Everest on May 16.

Shalu Datal, Amar Ujala, Dharchula
Muskaan of Son Village of Darma Valley will soon fly commercial aircraft. She will be the first woman pilot of the marginal district, Pithoragarh. Resident of Son village of Darma Valley, Bhup Singh Sonal’s daughter, Muskan Singh Sonal, passed the 12th examination in 2015 from Lucknow.

She applied for the Commercial Pilot License (CPL) from the Indira Gandhi National Flight Academy Raebareli. After two and a half years of training in the Academy, Muskan has successfully completed the training of CPL. After flying for 200 hours, smile has got a commercial flight license.

Muskaan Singh wants to serve the country in the army
Muskaan, who got the license to fly a commercial aircraft, wants to serve the country by going to the army. The Chief Conservator of the Kalyan Institute, Nrip Singh Napalchyal and President of Dilling Darma Service Committee Puran Selal said that this success of Muskaan will also encourage other children.

Muskaan’s father is the SBI Chief Manager in Jharkhand. Mother Basanti Sonal is a Housewife. The elder sister Jyotsna is an assistant spokesperson in DU. The younger brother is studying. Mount Everest winner Yogesh Singh, a resident of Garbyang village in Dharchula Vyas Valley, has also got a license of Commercial Pilot. Atul Singh Hyanki, a resident of Sosa, Chaudas valley, is also flying Sukhoi ships in the army.

Sor daughter prepares to conquer the Everest
Sheetal, daughter of Sor (Pithoragarh), left for Everest summit from Base Camp on Monday. Yogesh Garbyang, the coach of Sheetal and an Everest winner, resident of Dharchula, told that on the night of May 15, Sheetal will go out to the top of Everest to conquer it. It is expected that on May 16, she will reach the summit of Everest.

On Monday, Sheetal has left for camp-2 from the base camp reaching 6300 meters above sea level. On Tuesday, the goal is reaching camp-3, at the height of 7400 meters. The target is to reach camp-4 at the height of 8000 meters on May 15.

Sheetal has incredible enthusiasm
Yogesh Garbyang, resident of Dharchula, Everest winner, coach to Sheetal, who went to Everest Summit, said that Sheetal has incredible enthusiasm. Sheetal left from Kathmandu to Everest base camp on April 5. She reached the base camp on April 15. They practiced rock climbing along with other climbers in the base camp till 12 May.

Sheetal has a world record over Kanchenjunga also
Sheetal has made the record of conquering world’s third highest peak Kanchenjunga in 2017 at the youngest age of 22-years. She has conquered all the peaks along with Kanchenjunga. Sheetal’s family lives near the district headquarters. People of the marginal district are engaged in campaign for Sheetal.

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