Coronavirus Uttarakhand: Police administration increases security after the chaos by corona suspected Jamaatis in Doon Hospital

corona suspected Jamaatis

Policemen, PAC, SDRF and LIU personnel have been deployed at Doon Hospital in Dehradun on Friday following an uproar by corona suspected Jamaatis. The police administration is keeping a close watch on Doon Hospital.

The 10 Jamaatis who joined the Tablighi Jamaat were admitted to the Doon Hospital Quarantine Ward by the Police and Health Department till Thursday night.

On Friday, when the canteen staff went with the hospital staff to serve food in the quarantine ward, the mob created a chaos. The Jamaatis said that they were not being given complete food.

Women workers have started avoiding going to the ward

While the staff said that the food given in the hospital is prescribed according to the diet of the patients.

Staff complained about this to Corona’s Coordinator and Deputy MS Dr. NS Khatri. Staff said that the gathering patients are not even accepting their advice. Not only this, profanity is also being done to the staff. This has led the women workers to stop going to that ward.

Dr. Khatri informed this to Arun Mohan Joshi, DIG, Dehradun. After which the police arrived, gave strict instructions to the Jamaatis that action would be taken if there was a ruckus.


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