Coronavirus: Two people returned from abroad in isolation

Two people, who have returned from Oman and London in the Sahia region of Doon, have been kept in the isolation ward of CHC Kalsi after medical examination. Also, four others from other states have been quarantined under the supervision of the Kwansi Hospital.

SDM Apoorva Singh said that no symptoms of the corona were found in the two persons who returned from abroad in Kalsi. Apart from this, four youths from Khatuva and Dunwa region who have returned home from Maharashtra, Goa, Allahabad, and Kerala have been quarantined under the supervision of PHC Kwansi after medical examination.

However, the investigation also found no symptoms of the corona. The medical examination report of a woman from the Haripur region has come negative. Twelve people have been quarantined by the team of administration and health departments in different places in the three tehsil areas of Jaunasar-Bawar, Chakrata, and Kalsi so far, which are constantly being monitored.

Review of the banking system

SDM Dr. Apoorva Singh reviewed the banking services operated in the Chakrata region. During this time the SDM asked people to use sanitizer and mask during the transaction of money in the bank. Strict legal action will be taken against those who spread false rumors related to Coronavirus and post fake messages on social media. The SDM said that the prevention of Coronavirus among the people should be taken with necessary precautions with awareness and cleanliness. During this, Tehsildar Kunwar Singh Negi, Police Officer Anoop Nayal, etc. were present.

Make the employees enter the company by half-past eight in the morning

Due to the lockdown, the police have taken a tough stand. In this sequence, the Superintendent of Police, Rural, directed the office bearers of the pharmaceutical companies to admit the employees working here by eight and half hours in the morning.

In a meeting held at Selaqui, SP Dehat Parmendra Dobhal told the pharmaceutical company operators to direct the employees working in the company to enter the company between the hours of seven to eight and half hours in the morning. Leave the employees there at half-past six in the evening.

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