Coronavirus: Scientists from various institutes who went to research in India and abroad returned to Dehradun, quarantined themselves

Udham Singh Nagar

While the country is speaking head-on, the threat of coronavirus in the world, all the scientific research happening in the country as well as abroad has come to a complete halt.

Dozens of scientists, including Dehradun-based Indian Wildlife Institute, Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Indian Forest Research Institute, Zoological Survey of India, Botanical Survey of India, and Forest Survey of India, went to conduct scientific research at home as well as abroad. They have all returned to Dehradun.

Not only this, all the scientists who have been horrified by the coronavirus, have stopped the work of scientific research completely. There has been strict instruction from the investors of all these scientists that they should stay in their homes and follow the laws of lockdown.

Director of Wildlife Institute of India, Dr. Dhananjay Mohan told that all the scientists of the institute were doing research on wildlife. All those scientists have now returned to the institute and have quarantined themselves at home. In such a situation, all scientific research is at a standstill. However, some scientists are doing research in their homes only through computers.

Arun Singh Rawat, director of the Forest Research Institute, said that at present, all types of research have been banned. The researchers have left the scientific research in various parts of the country and has returned to the institute, as soon as the conditions are normal.

Then any further decision will be taken after that. Dr. Kalchand Sai, director of Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, said that due to Coronavirus, all the research done in the Hall field has been stopped again. Scientists are preparing research papers by staying at their homes. As soon as some conditions regarding the coronavirus are normal, then any further decision should be taken. More or less the same thing was told by the officials of other scientific institutions.


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