Coronavirus: On average, three patients were found during the lockdown, the figure reached eight during Unlock


In the 68 days of the lockdown, an average of three corona-positive patients was reported daily in the Nainital district. This figure has risen above eight in 27 days of Unlock-1. This number is marginally less than three times that of patients found in lockdown. The data released from Uttarakhand State Control Room Covid-19 is confirming this.

On the other hand, the relief is that the recovery rate in Unlock-1 has improved a lot. In the lockdown, ten percent of the patients were returned home from the corona. Now, this figure has reached close to 67 percent. According to the report, till May 31, 229 corona patients were found in the Nainital district and 23 people were cured. On May 31, the recovery rate of corona patients was just ten percent. At the same time, according to the data released on 27 June, 304 patients have recovered from the hospital after recovering from the 454 corona-infected so far in the Nainital district. At present the corona recovery rate in the Nainital district is around the recovery rate of the state. At the same time, if the death toll is seen, the death rate in the district is still below one percent. The doctors are treating this as a good sign.

Increased cases due to the increase in traffic

All the concessions were given to the people in the Unlock-1 process which started from June 1. The opening hours of the shops were extended. Restaurants, malls, Showrooms, etc. were opened. This resumed the movement of people. Physical distancing was not followed. At the same time, with the passage of time, people’s negligence also increased. As a result, Corona cases began to appear more.

More patients are getting in fewer tests

During the lockdown, till May 31, there were 4200 tests in the Nainital district and 229 were corona-infected. In this sense, on average, 18.3 tests were getting a positive result. According to the figures of 27 June, 454 corona positives have been found against 7361 tests. In this sense, a corona positive is being obtained on 16.2 tests. On average 61 corona tests were being conducted daily in the district during the lockdown. Now, this number has increased to 117 per day. The doctor says that in case of increasing cases, there is a need to increase the test.


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